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Découvrir le programme

Le programme étant entièrement individualisé et personalisé, je ne peux vous en livrer une fiche technique.

Cependant une participante a écrit cet article sur son blog à propos du programme d'1 mois , j'ai trouvé qu'il résumait très bien la démarche. Voici le lien pour retrouver l'intégrale du texte :

My name is Melchior and if today I've launched Inpulsions is to share with you my two passions:



  • One, for entrepreneurship, as an actor in several start-ups
    projects with, as the last experience, the creation and international launch of the PrivateDeal start-up.


  • The other, for inner mastering which, for several years, has made me walk deep inside myself in order to discover again and again the secrets that are hidden there.



In my various entrepreneurial experiences, I have seen how the quality of our inner life determines the success of a start-up at all levels.


Having taught meditation to individuals in recent years, I wondered if it could also be done in a start-up and if, in a short time, the team could benefit from it.


I then created a 30-day program that I tested with PrivateDeal. The results were impressive.


Then I knew it was the right thing to do and that I absolutely had to pass on these tools of inner control.



After giving this program to many entrepreneurs, I was able to observe 2 things:


  • The first is that the inner life of most of them is consumed by the stress of succeeding and that it would be urgent to show them how they can achieve their goals in harmony with greater efficiency.


  • The second is that words such as meditation, self-knowledge or spirituality are often associated with marginal practices when these practices prove to be powerful tools for sucess.


With the Inpulsions method, my goal is to make these tools, with scientifically proven effectiveness, accessible to all. 



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