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I will be honest with you.

Turning inward, meditating and welcoming yourself is not an easy task.
Everything that we have fled or avoided, goes back up.
And often it starts with a lot, a lot of fuss.

My role is to walk you through all this shadow, simply by facing it.
Simply being with you, listening, welcoming.
If you have the courage to go and see yourself as you are, harmony will manifest itself in abundance.

The tools 

Here are the main 3 ways I guide people. Hoover on the box to discover more

Emotional resilience coaching

& meditation

By creating the necessary inner space, we are able to express & experience all of our inner sides in a counscious way. 

This method aims at giving you the everyday tools to navigate consciounsly and freely in your body, mind and emotions 

Energy & Shamanic healing sessions

In those powerful healing sessions, my hands are at the service of the Divine source. 

If you are looking for unlocking deep blocages, this is for you. 

Sound healing & inner travel

With drums, Hand Pan, Piano and flutes, you are guided into a wonderful inner travel.

I also organise group sessions, more info on my insta page

The sessions are happening face to face in Lutry
or online on zoom
Each session lasts about an1 hour and the number varies from one to several,
according to each person's need

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