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About me

In 2014 as I was leading my daily student life at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, I had a sudden so-called "mystical" experience. My life, since then changed profoundly.

A burning desire to know and understand how my being works in all of his aspects (mental, emotional, bodily, energetic and spiritual) was born.

By my own means I studied and practiced all kinds of methods and approaches aiming at self-realization.

More than 10,000 hours of experiences, meditation, contemplation, have shown me that harmony is the most natural state that is.

It does not require any particular effort, except that of welcoming oneself such as 'we are, in its light as in its shadow.

From this realization, my approach was born, and for several years I have been guiding a large panel of people who seek to transform their lives towards greater clarity and simplicity.

The quality of my work has generated such word of mouth that today I devote all my time to this adventure.

I am very grateful for the trust and courage of all the people who have come a long way with me. It is a blessing to have witness so many moments of profound transformation.

Open up, open your heart to life, we are here to live intensely !!!

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