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Who am I ?

My name is Melchior and I have been guiding companies and individuals for several years into their inner journey.


Having taught meditation to individuals in recent years, I wondered if it could also be done in a start-up and if, in a short time, the team could benefit from it.


I then created a one-month program that I tested with PrivateDeal, then with many other companies and individuals. The results were impressive.


Then I knew it was the right thing to do and that I absolutely had to pass on these tools of inner welcoming.


At first I focused on entrepreneurs and this gradually led me to reach all types of people with the desire to move forward. 


Today I work with entrepreneurs and individuals of all kinds, because in the end, we are all entrepreneurs of our own lives.


My method has been refined with the experience leading me to divide the program into 2 parts: 


1.The inner welcome, in non-action and self-observation.

2.The conscious use of our thoughts, emotions and body to become master of our actions.


With the Inpulsions method my goal is to make these tools, with scientifically proven effectiveness, accessible to all. 



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